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Curious Makers

Curious Makers who very kindly let me sell my tat and do my talk on Time Travel before Christmas have written a little something on the new Lazy Gramophone project Time.

Take a look here. I’d also advise you to have a look further down at the other stuff especially Jerome Flinders’ work.

Counting down to Time

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Lazy Gramophone’s latest big collaborative project; Time is nearly here. My story ‘Optimistic’ for the section on adolescence is illustrated by Lee Holland. The book also includes work from Jo Tedds, Sam Rawlings, Diego MalloMatt Black, Mina Milk, Rupert Munck and so many more. Time will be released just 100 days from now.

Click here to see a countdown to the book’s release.

Curious Makers on Hoxton Street today

Come down to get your stocking fillers today. I will be doing a talk on Time Travel at 2pm and selling all sorts of goodies including my handmade booklets full of words and pictures.

New Story – Perspective – Illustrated by Harriet Lamb


Every guy knows what it’s like at the urinal. You’re peeing next to a stranger. Whether you care about it or not, you are revealing something of yourself. There is a certain vulnerability. You are on show and they are on show. You can see why a lot of men are embarrassed by it. Some people can’t urinate when someone is stood next to them. Maybe it goes back to the days where we would mark our territories with wee. Perhaps an alpha male shouldn’t share where he pisses.

For years I was too afraid to use public lavatories and would never use a urinal. I’ve managed to get over my fear now but I still have to wait for a urinal with an empty space next to it. I’m pretty certain very few people actually want to look at cocks. Most guys will try not to look at yours and hope you’re not looking at theirs, but who honestly cares. Continue Reading.

Coming soon – The Visitors with Stephen Ong

Something awesome that I have been working on with the wonderful Stephen Ong.

Watch this space…


New Story – Wet Nightmare – Illustrated by Matt Black

Wet Nightmare 

It’s a new room. It’s an old room but it’s a new room to him. It’s very comfortable but it doesn’t feel like it’s his quite yet. Something residual lingers of the previous tenant. And he hasn’t made enough of his own memories and routines there yet to claim it fully.

Sometimes he feels a presence in the room but over the weeks he has stamped his authority over it and it’s starting to feel more like home.

One night he wakes suddenly as though someone was talking to him, a shirt hanging on the wardrobe door moves in the corner of his eye but when he looks it’s still. He turns on the lamp to see better in the grey room but there’s nothing there. He is left with a half feeling that he was being watched. Unperturbed, he eventually drifts off. Continue Reading.

You Stumble Into A Room Full Of Poets

My story Monkey’s Uncle was printed recently in You Stumble Into A Room Full Of Poets with an illustration from the delicious Natalie Oleksy-Piekarski. If you can’t find a copy you can read it on my story page.

New Story – She Loves Me Not – Illustrated by Benjamin Youd

She Loves Me Not

She loves me not. She said she used to love me before I started ruining her flowers. I don’t know why I’m trying to joke about this; it isn’t funny.

My girlfriend has just broken up with me. It all started with a haircut. For me anyway, for her it seems to have started much earlier.

Continue Reading

Time Travel Dates

I’m doing a short talk on time travel at Caipirinha in Archway tonight about 8.30 – 9. Here’s the link

If you can’t make that I’ll be doing the talk again along with some poetry in Greenwich at MVMNT café on 21 November. Here’s the link to that one

Bookface – Reading – Sunday 14th October

Not only am I going to be on the Lazy Gramophone stall at Bookface in Reading on Sunday but I am also going to do a short talk on time travel for anyone that wants to come along. A host of handmade books, zines and arty whatnots as well as some poetry. Come along – last one I went to was lots of fun.