Other Writing


Tastes of Ink my first collection of short stories was published by Lazy Gramophone Press.

I have also had short stories published in other Lazy Gramophone

The Book of Apertures

Guilt Limited Edition and


I have written for:

Rooms Art Magazine

CALMzine (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

Gesture magazine

POV magazine

You Stumble Into A Room Full Of Poets

I have also had some of my poetry published, most recently in Inczine. I even once had a poem physically printed onto a cassette tape by Annexemag.




I blog for LazyGramophone.com and have written for:

The Vagenda

Rooms Art Magazine

Poejazzi (spoken word poetry events blog)

as well as having stories and poems featured on Annexemag, Inczine, The FlaneurKumquat, The Pink Mist and Lazy Gramophone sites.