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I wrote something for those wonderful folks at CALM on male role models, mentoring and teaching.

Read the article here.

CALM is the Campaign Against Living Miserably which tries to prevent male suicide in the UK – the biggest killer among men aged 18 – 34.

Chance UK (whom I volunteer for) for are a charity working with children aged 5 – 11 with behavioural difficulties, in order to stop them developing damaging behaviour in later life.

If you’re a boy aged 12 – 17 I’ve not left you out deliberately. Maybe you’ll like one of my stories.

To celebrate 50 years of Spider-man this month here’s a little something from my comic. Click on the thumbnail or look in the ‘Sketches‘ tab for the full size image.

I never usually colour things in but thought I’d get the crayons out for a change. More sketches here and here.

I can’t believe no one has used the ventriloquist idea before – if you see anyone using it you know you saw it here first folks!

My rambling about Eminem’s nonsensical lyrics has been published on the CALMzone site. Have a read here if you like.

CALMzone are great, they support vulnerable men under 35 (who are at the greatest risk statistically of suicide) and generally challenge what it is to be a man. Helping to move people away from outdated stereotypes of masculinity and encouraging people to be themselves and enjoy it rather than worrying about what people think, they also provide a forum for honesty and creativity. (I’ve written for them before – here.) 

Have flick through their site when you have a moment. Good stuff.

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