New Story – The Rock – Illustrated by Kristian Andrews


The Rock

A largish hom led the other homs behind him into the dark cave holding his spear loosely. They all stopped and he indicated over to where the shape was. There were cries and hoots and the closest homs slapped the spear-holder heartily.

Then the tallest of the homs made a move a bit too close towards the rock as if he meant to touch it and the spear-carrier jerked him back. He barked at him shaking his hand from his shoulder and the spear from his other hand. Loud noises were made and teeth were bared. The tall hom swung at the rock-presenter, and grappled him, the pair stumbling towards the group. As they bashed into the other homs the hom and a bystander were knocked to the ground as the group split and they all began to bark irritably. The two that had been toppled clambered up, one scurrying to the side while the other let out a roar and flailed his heavy hairy arms. He displayed ferociously until the other started to back away out of the cave. He began to chase his rival and the rest followed him. Read more.

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