Will Conway

What Cubehead Thinks

What do you do with a head full of unanswered questions? Draw a pompous guy in a suit with a block for a head and let him deal with them. I have a handful more of his musings. Read a review of the first one here.

Cubehead review

My third instalment of Cubehead has had a favourable review on Syndicated Zine Reviews. Read here. Thanks to Nathan – check out the site for reviews of other zines (not just mine).

Cubehead for sale in Orbital Comics











A few of my Cubehead comics are available to buy from the small press section in Orbital Comics near Leicester Square.

Reviewed by Syndicated Zine Reviews

A few of my zines have been reviewed by Nathan Penlington at Syndicated Zine Reviews, which you can read here.

I appreciate the kind words as well as synopses of my zines put better than I could. On top of that Nathan uses a delightful mosaic in the photos which makes them look great.


ARC (1-4)

After reading some Asimov, I decided to make one of my short sci-fi stories into a 4 part comic booklet. The only problem was I didn’t know how to draw it. At some point I decided to make all of the art circular and get a bit abstract with it. The resultant comic contains photocopied maltesers in space, spirograph, paint splatters, sand through a telescope and of course one or two actual drawings.


Short Story ‘Sincerity’ on Ric Journal

My very short story inspired by Great Yarmouth’s now defunct Louis Tussauds (dubbed ‘the world’s worst waxworks’) has been published on Ric Journal.


Take a look here

‘Action’ at Liars’ League Birthday Bash

My story ‘Action’ was read by the magnificent Mr Rich Keeble at Liars’ League’s 11th birthday event ‘Small and Beautiful.’ Here is the video in all it’s glory  – Enjoy my story of an action hero with striking attention to detail.

Booklets available on Etsy

Hi there – just to let you know that the booklets I have been making over the last couple of years are now available to buy here in my new Etsy store.

There are illustrated poems, jokes, stories and comics for you to choose from and I’ll be adding more soon. Plus I’ll be throwing in a free one with every purchase. Step right up.


Visitors – A collaboration with Stephen Ong from 2012

If you enjoyed Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Arrival’ in the cinema you might like this short comic strip about an extra terrestrial visit. There are a few similarities, but what can I say – we’ve always been ahead of our time…


See more of Stephen Ong’s work here.



Welcome to Steak

BB intro

Here’s a first glimpse at a teaser introduction I made for my long-awaited graphic novel: Steak.

You can read the rest of it here steakcomic.wordpress.com

and follow the Steak tumblr here