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Every guy knows what it’s like at the urinal. You’re peeing next to a stranger. Whether you care about it or not, you are revealing something of yourself. There is a certain vulnerability. You are on show and they are on show. You can see why a lot of men are embarrassed by it. Some people can’t urinate when someone is stood next to them. Maybe it goes back to the days where we would mark our territories with wee. Perhaps an alpha male shouldn’t share where he pisses.

For years I was too afraid to use public lavatories and would never use a urinal. I’ve managed to get over my fear now but I still have to wait for a urinal with an empty space next to it. I’m pretty certain very few people actually want to look at cocks. Most guys will try not to look at yours and hope you’re not looking at theirs, but who honestly cares. Continue Reading.

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