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My rambling about Eminem’s nonsensical lyrics has been published on the CALMzone site. Have a read here if you like.

CALMzone are great, they support vulnerable men under 35 (who are at the greatest risk statistically of suicide) and generally challenge what it is to be a man. Helping to move people away from outdated stereotypes of masculinity and encouraging people to be themselves and enjoy it rather than worrying about what people think, they also provide a forum for honesty and creativity. (I’ve written for them before – here.) 

Have flick through their site when you have a moment. Good stuff.


He dreams. We are walking along a dusky beach, he and her. There may be other people but they are of no concern to the couple that walk. She was angry at him earlier but she has looped her arm around him now and she beams up at him. They trip and roll on the sand or is it grass? Perhaps they’re in a garden. They’re late for something but can’t remember what. Neither care now, they’re so involved in each other that they’ve forgotten each other. Read more.


I’ve never been a fan of comic books myself, but everyone seems to be creaming themselves over superheroes and vigilantes these days. I’ve always thought they were just boring people’s sad fantasies. I guess my dislike for these nerdy cartoons was what prevented me from realising that I technically have a superpower. But my friend Tony tells me that’s what I have. I wasn’t bitten by anything irradiated or zapped by cosmic rays or any such bullshit. Having said that, my story is pretty ridiculous. Read more

Well, a glorious time was had at Leefest with inczine a couple of weekends ago with the likes of Raymond Antrobus, Mr Gee, Dean Atta, Glor Sanders and Angry Sam. If you were there you might have picked up a copy of the Leefest edition of inczine, illustrated by Diego Mallo and Lorna Scobie. Here’s my poem from the inczine special that you cannot buy for love nor money. Thank you to Lorna Scobie for the birdies.























If you want to buy copies of the previous issues in which I feature you can get them for love or money (just money I think) here.

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