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            The voices from downstairs gently wake me. I can’t make out words but I can tell who’s talking from the depth and pattern of their speech. It sounds like we have a full house this morning. Since everyone is about I should get up and join them; they’re probably having breakfast together. In five minutes I’ll rouse and either see if I can help or guiltily eat some of what they’re making. Stupid, I fall asleep again. I only realise I didn’t actually get up as I had planned when I re-awake minutes later.

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Snow day

            ‘Be careful on the way back, it’s slippery,’ I said to my sister, feeling like that’s a really big brotherly thing to say as we went in our separate ways home from our brother’s flat. As if on cue, I slipped and nearly toppled over. I turned, of course she saw. She laughed at me as I sloped off round the corner.

As I walked home I listened to the way the Sunday night snow popped under my footsteps. I always loved the way it crunched under my feet as I compacted it. An inch is quite a lot for England; it’s a hell of a lot for London. Read more.


Sam zipped up and picked his way through the gravestones and back onto the path. Grinning, he took the cider bottle from his friend. He swigged it and passed it back, hoping that the others would have brought something so they wouldn’t scab off them.

Actually, hold that a sec, I’m gonna go too, Jay said nipping between the grassy graves. Sam waited on the path, looking over at a tomb with a worn down statue of something on the top of it.

Whoa. Sam. Come and look at this.

I saw it last time you stayed round mine and I don’t want to see it again, thanks.

Hehe, no, I’m not talking about that, the beast’s back in his cave. This is something else. Sam found where his friend had stopped and read the engraving he was pointing at.

Spooky eh? Samuel Phillips.

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Dedicated to Maurice Sendak


      I love talking about Monsters, when the mobile library came round I got the best book about monsters which I bring to school everyday. It teaches you how to identify all the main types of monsters. The best bit about it is when it shows you what their weaknesses are and how to defeat them. It’s basically my guide-book to keep me safe. I’m definitely the best at knowing about monsters in my age category anyway in case I lose it.

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            She could hear something going on that she didn’t like the sound of. It was something that she usually liked the sound of but she was used to being able to see it as well, and make some sound herself. She rushed up the stairs silently, despite herself she wanted to catch them at it. She hated that slut from the moment she lay eyes on her. Felicia or whatever her name was, the one that flirted with Johnny shamelessly when she was there, knowing she was winding her up. After all she had done for him, he was cheating on her. She couldn’t believe it. She could believe it. She swung open the door. Read More.


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